My name is Jeff Nelson,  Assistant State Captain, Patriot Guard Riders of Northern CA  in  Redding and former California Hwy Patrol officer.  Several  years  ago I bought a pair  of  the stop sign GloGlovs.  They really work and
all our escort riders  are required to wear them for obvious safety reasons. Road Guards wear them riding across the USA - Run for the Wall Ride

Use GloGlovs For . . .

About our GloGlovs!

Sgt. John Abraham, Seattle Police safety coordinator states, "
GloGlovs are the ONLY product that gives our officers 24 Hr/365 days a year traffic control, two directions (4 way intersections) at the same time." I was instrumental in getting GloGlovs as our issue glove for our traffic officers. As a motor officer, one pair holds up for several years.

GloGlovs give you a much better chance of being seen  up to 1/4 mile day or night!  Especially in the winter or inclement weather we tend to wear dark clothing. GloGlovs offer you a powerful edge. Giving time for motorists to react safely they're a must for the blind - disabled or anyone walking, cycling or during roadway emergencies.

Both day and night we rely on hand signals between the pilot and the rescuer at the end of a 100+ ft rope.
What I was surprised to find out was how effective GloGlovs worked. We wear them over our flight/wetsuit gloves (as shown). GloGlovs are becoming a cutting edge safety product used by first responders, especially when the power goes out.

Fingerless GloGlovs are custom made with the highest quality breathable, non-fraying nylon/spandex. Reflective shapes are adhesive backed with a sewn border to seal the patches from moisture. They are sewn on during the assembly process making this USA MADE glove extremely durable and the highest quality glove of it's kind, guaranteed. GloGloves withstand temperature extremes from minus 40 to plus 120 degrees and can be in water for short periods of time. They will stretch double their size to fit over gloves. 

$28.95 per regular pair or $26.95 per blue pair.